SYNDR v1 Analog Drum Synthesizer for Kontakt 5
SYNDR v1 multi-sample library for native Instruments Kontakt puts the beauty and warmth of the true analog classic Synare PS-3 drum synthesizer into the hands of the modern music producer. Venturing well beyond the ubiquitous synth-tom sounds of the 70's, SYNDR volume 1 offers dozens of drum, percussion and fx kits and menus, as well as a complete arsenal of chromatic instruments (basses, lead synths, keys, percolating sequence synths, etc...). Entire tracks can be produced using SYNDR volume 1 and nothing else.

CLAP! Ableton Live Pack
CLAP! is a multi-sample Ableton Live Pack featuring the sounds of the Boss HC-2 Hand Clapper analog clap synthesizer. CLAP! has over 2900 24-bit/44.1kHz samples uniquely divided into three perspectives: the full clap samples, the flam only portion of the claps, and the clap samples minus the flam. These additional sample sets, along with Live's extensive sound design capabilities, take CLAP! well beyond the sounds of synthesized hand claps.

SYNDR v1 Legendary Analog Drum Synth Library for Ableton Live
SYNDR v1 is a multi-sample library for Ableton Live 8.3 and up that features sounds from the legendary Synare PS-3 analog drum synthesizer. With a massive collection of not only drum hits, but also chromatic samples, you can build entire compositions using nothing else. The library makes excellent use of Live's arsenal of effects, with custom Drum, Instrument and Audio Effects Racks, offering a high degree of tweakability.